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Our glass fabrics produce perfect walls, prevent cracks and resist wear and tear.

Easy to apply and straightforward to clean, designed for the long term

Magnet is a magnetic wall covering which is hung like traditional wallpaper.

Our glass reinforcing mesh strengthens internal and external plaster systems.

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The Glass Fabric Company

The Glass Fabric Company

The Glass Fabric Company is the UK's leading supplier of the latest woven glass products to all industry and public sectors.

Our glass wall coverings and reinforcing mesh offers you engineered solutions to all your building and product requirements. We have built our reputation by offering expert advice, developing long-lasting relationships and offering a project pledge that ensures success for all our clients.

Glass Fabric Wallcoverings

We are used to seeing glass used in windows, but when it is manufactured in the form of yarn and woven into a fabric, it gives walls an unbeatable finish to meet even the most exacting standards required by architects and specifiers.

Not only that, but it is hard-wearing - resisting the kind of wear and tear that would quickly leave its mark on painted plaster walls or wallpapered surfaces, requiring a costly redecoration process.

Glass Fabric Reinforcing Mesh

Our comprehensive range of glass reinforcing mesh fabrics, and mesh/mat composites, offer manufacturers solutions that bring reinforcement and stability, high diagonal strength, along with minimal organic content, and smooth finishes.

Reinforcing mesh offers major benefits when applied to any plaster system, either internally or externally, within the likes of EWI systems or where high quality, crack resistant, long lasting results need to be achieved within internal walls or ceilings.


Magnet, our newest product launched in the UK, has proven a hit, featuring in numerous publications from AJ Specification to Building.

Magnet is quite simply a magnetic wall covering which is hung in a similar way to traditional wallpaper. As a result magnets can be used for displays on its surface, without damage to the wall covering.

This magnetic glass fabric provides the same hygiene and reinforcement benefits as our other products. For more information please give us a call.